My Country Song

My country’s fast asleep

and they don’t notice

higher power as they beat       

The brains of anyone       

who guides the flow of capital with downward thumbs                              

back to those hands of yours 

that’s where they took it from


And we won’t get the most out of life til they let go

As long as they detest and despise our human souls

look out below

oh oh oh mhm


Cause if it was up to you and me                

We’d bring administration down to their knees   

And make them swear to God             

That we are gonna be their main concern and money’s not                

Cause in the end it all will burn and they will rot.


You and me, we get the most out of life when we let go                 

As long as we detest and despise one human soul              

look out below         

oh oh oh mhm


But my country’s fast asleep                 

and as we all are eulogized

the price tags bleed.