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April 12th featured the release of our 3rd single "Unusual As Usual" to Spotify and iTunes followed by THIS music video.

The full album My Country is available in our store, at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp or CD Baby and is streaming in full on our Listen page!

The Grey A's new record 'My Country' puts a corrupt and rapacious elite in its crosshairs, pairing pop with (the) polemic, sometimes to a jarring effect….with fistfuls of horns and crunching guitar.” - NPR

"My Country by the Grey A stands apart from much of the music being made and played today. It is not cheery optimism and it is not nihilism. Infectious groove(s), chiming keyboards and glorious background vocals direct (these) stirring pop anthem(s) of the people. This is not disposable 'pop music', but in the best sense of the word it is pop music. It is meant for repeated listening and maybe an open-minded willingness to have one's mind changed, even about the meaning of these songs."

- No Depression

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